To view the official copy of an enterprise agreement, please contact SAET Registry. If you are a party to a signed enterprise agreement, you must apply for SAET authorization within 21 days for SAET to approve it. After approval, the agreement will enter into force. Some enterprise agreements offer an alternative to the salaries and conditions set by the award. Others refer to certain attribution conditions and set other conditions. SAET may also reconcile or give instructions when parties are working to negotiate an agreement. SAET`s role is to approve the agreement if it meets the specific requirements of the Fair Work Act 1994. The enterprise agreement and the guide to the new agreement can be accessed by clicking on the following symbols: A party to an enterprise agreement may apply for authorization, registration or derogation from SAET. An enterprise agreement sets out the conditions of employment of workers covered by the agreement. It is negotiated through a premium security network to help employers and workers define working conditions that will support their needs. If necessary, you can participate in a training program.

The purpose of these FAQs is to provide managers/supervisors with instructions on the unsatisfactory benefit management requirements of the Enterprise Agreement (EA) 2017-2021, point 8.1. If you need more information, please visit the Professional Staff Development Scholarship Scheme website. First, you will be transferred to the trial in the new role for an agreed period, i.e. no more than three months. In the future, talk to your human resources advisor at an early stage for advice on how to properly manage the delivery of a temporary staff member if you have identified performance issues. Don`t wait until the end of the contract Your HR advisor will provide advice and advice on how to successfully manage convertible university employment contracts. If you choose a new provision, you must inform your supervisor in writing that you wish to follow the option of making it available before the end of the eight-week transitional period. You will then receive the link to the redeployment register by HR. If you think you don`t have time to manage a low-performing employee, you should discuss this with your supervisor to find out why. It is important that they be aware of your concerns in order to support you and ensure that you have time for your management tasks in order to effectively manage the team`s performance. The performance management process may seem difficult, but your HR advisor is available to discuss options with you, provide practical assistance and help you plan how to manage the process in a reasonable manner. A regular meeting of the group`s staff is not part of a process that creates a right to a representative as part of the enterprise agreement.

The university may appoint an officer of this type of temporary work for up to three years and conclude that at the end of this mandate, the employment will be converted to continuous. It is recommended that a school offer a contract of at least 2 to 3 years to give the employee sufficient time to meet the performance expectations set for him as an academic in this role.