As a general rule, a coverage certificate is valid for Australian workers for up to four years of employment in Greece. If you need coverage of more than four years, the agreement allows us to grant an extension only with the mutual agreement of the relevant agency in Greece and in certain circumstances only. The agreement does not affect the treatment of diplomats and consular officials under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic and Consular Relations. Australia`s social security system is a non-contributory system that does not require anyone to have worked or paid taxes in Australia. It is based on the notions of place of residence and needs and is paid by general revenue/taxes. When a person is included as an unqualified partner in his partner`s super or veterans` pension, the amount of the Greek benefit or pension is deducted from his payment and the remaining amount of the super or NZ veterans` pension will be divided equally between the two of you. The bilateral social security agreement with Greece began on 1 October 2008. Our bilateral social security agreement with Greece applies in the case of double super-coverage, i.e. if you or your employee otherwise had to pay super warranty bonuses (or an equivalent amount) for the same work of your staff. It applies to Australian super-homening and Greek social security legislation. Paula is sent by her Australian employer to work for two years in Greece.

Paula`s employer must make contributions to Australia under super-independence legislation. Paula will continue to be covered by Australian super warranty legislation as well as Greek legislation while working in Greece – that`s why super double coverage occurs, the deal comes into force and frees Paula and her employers from dues under Greek law. Paula`s employer will continue to make super-guarantee contributions, as is requested in Australia. The agreement does not apply to independent Australian residents working in Greece. They are not subject to super-guaranteed law in Australia, so super double coverage does not occur. New Zealand and Greece have reached an agreement on social security. The agreement includes the following benefits and pensions: you should apply to a labour and income office. For more information, call work and income. The contact details are available below. If you go directly from New Zealand to Greece, your payments can continue. However, if you decide to travel first, your payments may stop from the moment you leave New Zealand until you start residing in Greece.

Advise work and income on your plans, so you are less likely to be overpaid and you will have to pay back later. For more information on procedures and payments, New Zealand`s additional benefits and allowances (disability allowance, accommodation supplement and family tax credit (formerly family allowance) are not paid to people residing outside New Zealand. They will usually cease the day after New Zealand`s exit. . Even if you don`t live in New Zealand, you need to inform Work and Income about changes in your living conditions, for example. B get married or change your address. They must also inform the Social Security Institute (IKA) or the Agricultural Insurance Organisation (OGA) of these changes.