NLFI (Stichting administratiekantoor beheer financile instellingen) announced today that it has transferred approximately 59.7 million common shares of ABN AMRO Group N.V. to ABN AMRO Trust Office (Stichting Administratiekantor Continu-teit ABN AMRO Group) in exchange for an equal amount of filing decisions for common shares to ABN AMRO. The new supporting documents (owned by the NLFI) are listed on Euronext Amsterdam. The transfer does not result in any changes to the rights and obligations of the NLFI as part of the relationship agreement. The LNFI, as custodian, has waived all voting and assembly rights attached to deposit securities that are not the right to vote at ABN AMRO`s general meeting of shareholders. . The transferred common shares represent approximately 6.4% of ABN AMRO`s capital and have no influence on the total number of shares issued by ABN AMRO. As a result of this sale, NLFI retains a share of approximately 56.3% in ABN AMRO, of which 49.9% is held directly through common shares and approximately 6.4% indirectly through filing documents. The remaining 43.7% is held by institutional and retail investors in the form of deposits. LEFI made this transfer in order to prevent the ABN AMRO Trust Office from requiring further questionable declarations and similar administrative authorizations if, in the future, the LNFI wishes to reduce its stake in ABN AMRO. The ABN AMRO Trust Office has not received any declarations of objection or similar administrative authorization to issue filing decisions in exchange for common shares, provided a majority is exchanged in 2017.

This condition is now fulfilled. The NLFI exchanges 59.7 million shares of ABN AMRO for deposits.