GDLN Asia Pacific is based on the principle of shared resources between partners who are working on a common task, as shown by the organizational structures that exist during the development of the network. The host of the GDLN centre in Thailand, Chulalongkorn University, offers physical space for its head office; technical know-how and some infrastructure is provided by the Tokyo Development Learning Centre (TDLC); Trust services are provided by the Australian National University (ANU) until the creation of GDLN Asia Pacific as a legal entity in Thailand, andert supported the government committee by providing the opportunity to manage and account for the inflow and exit of funds. The result, admittedly, is a certain complexity in contractual agreements, which must be developed on a case-by-case basis and depend to some extent on the legal requirements of the countries concerned. Another source of criticism was the tradition that a U.S. executive of the bank was implemented because the United States provides most of the World Bank`s financing. “When World Bank economists visit poor countries to distribute money and advice,” The Economist noted in 2012, “they systematically tell governments to reject nepotism and fill every important job with the best available candidate. That`s good advice. The World Bank should do that. [84] (a) Each member designates his central bank as the custodian for all the Bank`s assets in its currency or, if it does not have a central bank, the other institution that is acceptable to the bank.

(a) There is an advisory board of no less than seven people selected by the Governing Council, including representatives from the banking, industry, industry, labour and agriculture sectors, and with as broad a national representation as possible. In areas where specialized international organizations exist, Council members who are representative of these areas are chosen in agreement with these organizations. The Council advises the Bank on policy issues.