The NATO sofa and sofa agreement granted many privileges and immunities to the armed forces concerned. These include, for example, civil, administrative and criminal immunity, as well as social security, customs, tax and motor vehicle privileges. In addition, they contain provisions on the use of premises and the employment of German personnel on the ground by forces stationed in the country, in particular the additional agreement on THE SOFA. For example, if a spouse of an active American soldier accepted a job in a German company, would he be entitled to German benefits? What tax questions would arise? Or do we assume that someone from the United States, the United Kingdom or Canada works for a company based in a country of origin that has a performance contract in Germany? Would health insurance and benefits be involved? Although SOFA determines your legal status, it is important to understand that German law applies to U.S. staff as well as outside. The U.S. facilities are not American soil. Moreover, while there are many similarities between German and American law, there are also many obvious differences. For example, spanking or paddling children is prohibited by German criminal law as a means of punishing disobedience. German law considers this to be a “physical punishment” that amounts to child abuse. .

German civil law is also very different from what most Americans know. Read on to learn more about the main differences between German and U.S. law, and if you have any questions, please contact the Legal Center on Kelley Barracks. Also be sure to participate in the weekly legal processing letter via the armored barracks of the central processing plant. Once you have found a place, write down all the damage that exists on the control sheet provided by the Housing Authority. Don`t rely on someone else to pay attention to defects. Anything you don`t comment on on your first inspection will be assigned to you when your departure time arrives. You are personally responsible for repairs that are not noted on the test card. You can pay for repairs out of your pocket or your deposit. Although many homeowners can be very friendly, it is important to remember that renting real estate is a commercial transaction. Please note that staff must register with the Housing Authority within two days of their arrival in Stuttgart and inform the Housing Authority at any time of the housing search status. The presence of foreign armed forces on German territory requires a specific legal basis.

The distinction must be made between the right of attendance and the rules of power law. The right of presence stems from the necessary formal agreement of the Federal Republic of Germany for the presence of foreign armed forces on its territory. The right of residence for their presence includes all the legal provisions to which foreign forces are subject while they are on German soil.