To this end, some early assessments seem fairly obvious: buying a vehicle requires higher monthly payments; So if you can`t afford these payments, you`re more likely to pay for a vehicle. Of course, the number of commas and zeroes you have in your bank account is not the only factor influencing your decision to buy or pay for a vehicle. Yes, there are other factors to consider. It is also important, if you look at your lease (i.e. before signing it), to be 100% sure of what any term means in the lease. To this extent, you should read a “glossary lease” to make sure you are familiar with all the words used in the document. has a complete and easy-to-read glossary that should help you with any confused or unknown language you encounter during the process. With multiple rental and financing options from Audi Financial Services, it`s never been easier to fit an Audi in your driveway. We`re here to help you choose the option that best suits your lifestyle, so you have the exciting sophistication of being behind the wheel of a world-class machine.

The cost of setting up your current lease is waived if you purchase your current lease or if you rent or purchase a new or certified used Audi through Audi Financial Services within 120 days of returning your Audi model. Many leases last about three years, which is usually the length of many bumper-to-bumper warranties of new cars. This means that the car is usually covered by the repair guarantee for the duration of the rental contract. For the first item listed above, Audi regularly offers leasing promotions that appear on the main site. Similarly, Prestige Imports is also expanding Audi`s exclusive leasing specials to our customers. Of course, this last statement “Take care of your car?” must be taken into consideration. Because in real life, “Taking care of the car” means different things for different people; and frankly, your interpretation of this game could change your decision to buy or rent. That way, could you ask me? Well, in an article published on U.S. News and World Report, Liz Opsitnik mentioned that: There`s a lot to do when you`re shooting in your rented Audi. We`ve put together some FAQs to make you feel at the front door.