From September 30, 2018, Fire TV Ad-Enabled applications will need to be integrated with Amazon Publisher Services (APS). Your use of APS is subject to the Amazon Publisher Services Agreement (available here “This agreement is an important indicator of the industry`s destination and will become just one of many over time,” Green wrote to employees. “APS supports the open Internet, unlike other large walled technology gardens. This is a courageous step that can spur the action of other CTV aggregators. Access all requirements with a click-through agreement. We combine all income and will send you a payment in just 60 days. Yes, UAM works with other header or wrapper auction solutions. The JavaScript UAM must be placed outside of a header auction wrapper. A demand platform is software that provides automated and centralized media purchases from multiple sources. Within six months of Amazon`s request, Fire TV Ad-Enabled applications must remove all monetization software from third-party ad networks and can only access third-party ad networks through Amazon Publisher Services. Amazon informs its publishing and media partners that it can offer them higher prices for their ads because of its shopper marketing data. If Amazon has a better viewer image at the other end, whether on Fire TV or elsewhere online, it can meet them with the same precision it would have on its own e-commerce site.

This data and targeting have always been considered Amazon`s greatest advantage in digital advertising, an advantage it began to press on itself recently. The only technical requirement for using TAM is active integration with the Amazon Publisher Services (APS) multi-slot auction date. Publishers also need a contractual relationship with all application partners who wish to intercept them. Other sites also need to be subject to the same verification process to be approved. Please first create an account on the approved site, then contact us with your remaining sites. Fire TV Ad-Enabled apps must provide Amazon with 30% of the app`s total ad impressions, which account for 30% of all ad impressions in the app and do not exclude or limit Amazon`s access to schedules, programs or categories. Apps do not receive payment for the 30% of impressions provided to Amazon. Violation of data protection/public: we have the utmost respect.