. To obtain information about your rights regarding: employment contract and formalities of employment, working time, leave, pay, termination of the employment contract, resignation only the presence of a category 1 or 2 dog is a real and serious reason for refusal of admission. The same applies if his pet is aggressive when visiting the nanny. In addition, the applicant must provide a criminal record extract 3 for each adult living at home. The admission mission will request an excerpt from Bulletin 2. These documents must be sent by recommended letter with a newsletter or delivered to the territorial mission. Once the file is received and complete, an acknowledgement is served on the applicant. The decision is notified within three months of the date of the acknowledgement. As of September 1, 2012, all applications for approval or renewal of a babysitter`s accreditation are required to demonstrate the annual maintenance of fixed water heaters.

Anyone of legal working age can become an assistant, regardless of family status, whether or not they have children. As with other occupations, the foreign person must be in a regular situation and have a work title. Interviews with the candidate and home visits are intended to assess the candidate`s personal skills and the accommodation conditions: to meet special needs, the chairman of the departmental council may, on an exceptional and exceptional basis, allow the reception of more than four children to six children at the same time. The waiver request must be mailed to the mission granted to you. This request is assessed by an evaluator of the relevant mission. The decision is submitted within two months. . – organizational skills, – pedagogical and pedagogical skills, – communication skills (with children and parents) – and your command of the French language, especially speaking. Nurse Information Sessions After receiving your full file, a nanny will meet with you at home and review your application. You will receive the response to your application for authorization within three months.

A simple letter to the President of the General Council is sufficient to report a request to the services. At the end of this meeting, anyone wishing to apply for admission withdraws an application from:. . In other words, when a child has a child under the age of 3, the child takes a place. Once the accreditation is issued, you will be invited to the first part of the training (72 hours), mandatory before each childcare, organized and funded by the Department. They are summoned the following year for the second part of the 60-hour training that will start during the work.